Basketball isn’t for everyone. So play it while you can! What I mean is that basketball isn’t really a sport for someone who is elderly and retired.


It’s a rough sport, even though is no contact. Well, there shouldn’t be contacted, but there is. It comes with the game. That’s why the referee can call a “foul” if someone trips another player.


Think back to a time when you watched a basketball game on TV. Or, search online for some pictures of a basketball game. Do you see any overweight basketball players? The answer is probably no.


This is because basketball is an extremely cardio-heavy sport. It’s like soccer in the same way that the player is always moving. That means the player is always burning calories.




People look for different options when they want to get in shape. Some want to cut sugar and carbs. Some want to eat healthier. Some also want to develop some type of fitness routine. Well, I have an answer for these people.


Just eat healthily and play basketball! The rest will take care of itself. Eating healthier will mean the body consumes fewer bad foods. Playing basketball will be the body will burn the rest of this food, even though it’s healthier.


The best time to play basketball is from childhood to adulthood. As an adult, be aware that the adult will need to stretch before playing. This will minimize the likelihood of any injury possibly happening. Even children and teens should stretch before a game. Stretching makes one nimble and will help someone play the game better.


People who play basketball don’t do it for exercise, mostly. But fitness and health is a side effects of the game. And it’s a great side effect! Drive to your nearest basketball court this weekend and get to start practicing.